The Profile of Our Company


  • The Company is specialized since its inception in Cotton procurement Ginning, Seed oil processing / manufacturing and deals in commodity by importing and cotton exporting.


  • Company Status
  • The ginnery and oil activities are carried out in the company’s premises located at Nyasubi Industrial area in Kahama town. The plant is easily accessible by tarmac road and other all important utilities are suffienctly available in the area.
  • The Company is Private liability Incorporated in Tanzania under companies ordinance Cap “212” having certificate of incorporation no. 44924 issued on 2nd December, 2002.
  • The Company is a Registered Industry vide Industries certificate no. 0001613 of The Ministry of Industries, Trade and Marketing, also registered by NATIOANAL FOOD CONTROL COMMISSION as per Certificate of FOOD premises No. 041485: along with certificate of Registration of Factory / work place issued by Ministry of Labours and Youth for the purpose of the occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • The Company has been granted Incentive Certificate No. 00214839 of exemption to Invest of these Enterprises of oil mills and Ginnery. The business is also registered with .
  • The Industry premises occupy an area of 22 hactres Nyasubi, Kahama Urban – Shinyanga Region – Tanzania. It’s about 3 km from Town centre – KAHAMA along Isaka – Rusumo tarmac Road.
  • The Company is licensed by the Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB) to carry on cotton business and is active member of Tanzania cotton Association.

    The Company operates the major business which is correlated in the agriculture as follows:-
  • Ginning: The Company under this business procures seed cotton from farmers, carrying to the Ginnery, then gin and Sells Cotton lint bales while cotton seeds are being transformed to the Oil Mills.
  • Oil Milling: The Mill factory does oil extraction by producing edible cooking oil, cotton cakes thereafter sells the products at Market competitive prices.

    Among other business objective includes:
  • To carry on the business of cotton and other crops and commodities as dealers, buyers, processors, sellers, brokers and secure and most favorable arrangements for Marketing and exports our products as well as import commodities.
  • To do all any of the matter hereby authorized in any part of the world either alone or in Conjunction with or as by, or through factor of trustees and agents.

    The products from the ginnery and Oil Mills i.e. Lint bales, Cotton Seeds Oil, and cakes are normally sold in large quantities on Ex- Ginnery/Factory basis (F.O.T) Whereby customers usually collect themselves the sold goods/ products buy using their own means of Transport or Engage merchants/Agents.


    3:1: BANKERS

    The Company before, it’s operationally transact through CRDB Bank PLC under Kahama Branch.

    3:2: INSURERS

    The Company at the moment engaged REAL INSURANCE TANZANIA LTD-DAR as a sole Insurer to all assets/products.


    (1) Buildings

    - There are six seed cotton warehouse, three cotton seed godown one cotton cakes godown.
    - Administation block,bale shade and refinery plant.
    - There is one Ginnery building and one Oil Mills warehouse.

    (2) Plant and machinery

    I. Ginnery:

    The Ginnery has machineries of high ginning capacity of three gin stands of continental super 141 model.

    II. Oil Mill Plant

    The Oil Mill installed with the following components of machinery equipment which are:- Decorticator, six expellers, six floor elevator, cake Elevators, a boiler, cattle/Tanks for cooking, Filters, refinery Complex and other accessories. III. Plastic plant This plant has three machines for making jerry cans and machines for making buckets 20ltrs and 10ltrs respectively.

    (3) Trucks/Motor Vehicles.

    The Company has got almost 55 flat of heavy duty vehicles of various carriage capacities and model/make. Also there are about 25 small vehicles for operations uses.

    (4) Alluminium Plant

    The company has recently commissioned his ALLUMINIUM PLANT for fabricating various products of galvanized iron sheets.
    The plant comprises the following components
    1) Corrugated sheet fabricator equipment (size 11/3)
    2) Versatile sheet fabricator equipment
    3) Box profile IT4 and IT5 sheet fabricator equipment.
    Normally we buy raw materials from Peoples Republic of China.


    (1) It’s our expectation and hereby envisaged to procure about 20,000 tons seed cotton aimed to produce about 35,000 Lint bases under the following parameters:-
  • Tanzania grade “A” Raw cotton Super saw ginned
  • Staple length = type I & II ASM (1 1/16 - 1 3/32)
  • Micronaire value – between 3.5 – 4.3 NCL.
  • Other quality will depend on cotton characters.
  • (2) Company Trend of seed cotton procurement for six years.

    No. GINNING SEASON SEED COTTON GINNED BALES PRODUCED 1. 2005/06 7,835,424 13,590 2. 2006/07 10,560,000 17,600 3. 2007/08 15,510,760 24,695 4. 2008/09 24,908,385 41,160 5. 2009/10 16,139,915 26,416 6. 2010/11 11,561,63.5 18,992


    (1) We have a vision of buying best seed cotton under careful quality selection keeping abreast with technical changes, and being environmentally conscious in the process of attaining by focusing to:
  • Buy best Grade/Quality cotton within the specifications of world market.
  • Promote farmers in best production of the crops.
  • Put Tanzania products at the highest competitive price.
  • Add on value to cotton lint by Ginning as well as producing Cotton Seed Oil refinery of best quality.

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